Hidden Figure Dorothy Vaughan didn’t hide from principle

February 14, 2017

Even before she became known to many through the newly released movie Hidden Figures, the few who knew Dorothy Vaughan well could attest to this: Principle was everything. As the first African-American female supervisor at NASA, the first to master NASA computer program FORTRAN and train an integrated class of engineers to use it, and one of the first black women to work at NASA as a mathematician, her principles…


Increased images of police brutality give birth to social media activists

Had Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. lived during this era, “By any means necessary” and “I have a dream” would have circulated in Facebook memes and trending Twitter hashtags. Though the civil rights of yesteryear is not exactly the same in 2015, recent years have shown a surge in visible misconduct by law enforcement that crosses racial lines. As more and more images of police brutality flood cyber airwaves,…

July 21, 2015

Second St. Festival awakens spirit of historic Jackson Ward

Second Street Festival in Richmond from Kamilah Brown on Vimeo. Saturday, that rich history of Jackson Ward came alive once more, as it does annually, at the Second Street festival in Richmond, Va. For a split second when you step onto the street, affectionately called “Deuces,” in historic Jackson Ward, you can see the 1930s night street filled with Friday night fervor; women, clad in heel and skirts, men wearing…

October 6, 2014

Legendary ODU professor honored

May 5, 2014

The Amber Lantern Restaurant looked almost abandoned from the street. The words “Top Rack Marina” adorned its storefront in bold letters, the parking lot seemingly desolate except for the many boats, and, at first, you might not have even known that an event was being held in the building. A small sign pointed attendees around a corner through a lobby, then upstairs. And once you arrived, after a montage of…


Community activist Melinease Hutchinson honored with Exemplar Award

April 14, 2014

  When Melinease Hutchinson received the Hampton Roads Gazetti Exemplar Award for outstanding community service on March 2, the only question her friends and family needed to ask was: “What took them so long?” Before Beyonce was independent, and Gloria Steinem gave birth to feminism, there was Melinease Hutchinson on the front line of community activism. “I was ahead of my time,” she boasted, an obvious smile in her voice. …