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Life:  KG Brown is a Richmond, Virginia native who graduated from the illustrious Richmond Community High School for the Talented and Gifted.  She attended Old Dominion University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in English/Journalism.  She began as a freelancer for the Virginian Pilot before changing careers to the field of Education in order to concentrate more on her children’s development.  Today, she teaches 9th and 10th grade English and sponsors the School Newspaper, a service which has recently encouraged her to delve back into the world of media and writing.

Love:  KG is mother to three beautiful children and enjoys writing, well, anything.  From articles, to short stories, KG is a lover of the written word.  As such, she is also an avid fiction and news reader of everything from CNN to Eric Jerome Dickey. Strange as it may sound, she enjoys grammar and all of its principles, and loves to sit down and edit pieces of writing or learn new techniques and stylistic displays.  Though she is hardly a chef, she gets a certain peace from cooking Sunday dinners and would love to get a dog….one day.

Pursuit of happiness:  KG works steadily to ensure that her children get to fulfill any dream they wish to, and manages to reach for her own as well.  This website is the first of her endeavors.  She is also–and has been for many ages–writing a novel, as of yet untitled, and looks forward to one day retiring from Education to pursue full-time writing.  Her humorous, and sometimes controversial, perspectives are but a small part of the voice she seeks to expand to encourage anyone, everyone, to remain life learners.

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