St. Joseph’s Women’s Conference promotes unity

Listen to a live broadcast from the Women’s Conference at St. Joseph’s in Chesapeake, VA.

From the recently emerged video of Ray Rice knocking his, then, fiancée Janay unconscious, to the disputes over the authenticity of rapper Nikki Minaj’s derriere, it seems that women are always at odds.

Although experts believe the disconnect stems from variety of reasons, the truth that women are far from united cannot be denied.

But on Saturday, the women of St. Joseph’s A.M.E Zion Church in Chesapeake held the first annual Women’s Day Breakfast Brunch and tried to mend the broken relationships between women with the theme, “Sharing is Caring.”

The day of the brunch could not have been better. Bright skies, with a hint of a lusciously tepid breeze gave way to a pleasingly soothing atmosphere.

Brunch was served, and impromptu songs throughout the day served as a backdrop for the day’s events, which included the preachings of Dr. Sandy Hutchinson, pastor, the gospel comic relief of Rev. Joy Carrington, and speaker of the day Jennifer Whitmore. Participants were also entered into a door prize drawing, and were able to purchase jewelry from a featured vendor.

By the end, each of the women had a message for their counterparts.

“You have to be loving to one another. Forget all this cat fighting stuff and filling your mind with drama because that’s not what we’re here for,” said Whitmore. “Understanding that you have a purpose, and that you’re supposed to be setting an example for somebody else, if you can keep your mind on those things, then I think that’s one way for us to unify with one another.”

Carrington, who serves as a campus minister, said she sees many women who need that caring every day.

“I see a lot of young girls, or young women who don’t have the self esteem that they could have or should have if they had somebody to walk along side them to keep reminding them of how wonderful they are.”

And so women empowering women seemed to become the theme for the day at St. Joseph’s on Saturday, as sharing turned into caring.

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