Veteran officer talks improving police and community relations

Veteran law enforcement officer Robert Reynolds uses the same logic for baking muffins with his son as he does for bridging the gap between cops and the communities they serve: follow the recipe.  Step 1: Use home grown ingredients Like any good recipe, bonds between police and the public, begin with the right ingredients. “I think it starts at home,” said Reynolds of both law enforcement and the general public,…

July 26, 2015

St. Joseph’s Women’s Conference promotes unity

September 14, 2014

Listen to a live broadcast from the Women’s Conference at St. Joseph’s in Chesapeake, VA. From the recently emerged video of Ray Rice knocking his, then, fiancée Janay unconscious, to the disputes over the authenticity of rapper Nikki Minaj’s derriere, it seems that women are always at odds. Although experts believe the disconnect stems from variety of reasons, the truth that women are far from united cannot be denied. But…